A failing engine is not at all a good sign for the driving experience of a motorist. It is an indication that the vehicle can stop at any point in time in the middle of the road. When you bring your car to us, our expert will deeply scrutinise the engine of your car. If the minor problems persist, they will mend it quickly. But, in case of a major breakdown, we also offer a complete engine overhaul.


One of the most essential components for the combustion of the fuel, exhaust needs regular maintenance for better emissions. If you are facing increased emissions, out of your vehicle, or the fuel efficiency has recently plummeted down than usual, make sure to get your exhaust checked. You can also visit us if there is any unusual smoke coming out of the exhaust system.


A clutch of a car should work optimally for accurate gear changes. If something goes wrong with the clutch, the gearbox can get damaged pretty quickly. Therefore, if the clutch pedal remains stuck to the floor of the vehicle, make sure that you bring it to us. We will check the hydraulics and other mechanics of the clutch. A replacement clutch is one of the most common car repairs in Wakefield.


Brakes of a car is essential to prevent it from any mishaps on the road. It is crucial that they remain in excellent conditions for the utmost safety on the road. When you bring your car with failing brakes to us, we get them in shape immediately. We change the pads and also repair the linings for better functioning of the brakes.

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Government legislation passed in 2003 called "Block Exemption" means that an independent garage can now carry out your car service, so that the warranty is still protected - this now means you no longer need to use a main dealer to do your car service.


At CG Autos our garage only uses OE quality parts for car repairs in Wakefield. Main dealers may try and influence your decision to stay with them, but the reality is that a car service or car repair with CG Autos is just as good, if not better and is likely to be cheaper than what a main dealer charges.


A 12 month parts and labour guarantee comes with every CG Autos car service, if at any time you require further assistance please contact us.


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We use the latest equipment from tools to diagnostic scanners when we are working on your vehicle.

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where possible we only use genuine manufactures car parts when repairing or servicing your vehicle.


We don't let anybody touch your vehicle unless they have the relevant experience or qualifications.


We work on a set hourly rate, we're not here to take advantage of our customers so you can be assured of a great quotation.


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